Switching off for a restful night

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A bookkeeper’s tips to sleeping for tomorrow

Sleep is one of the single most important functions of the human body. Whether you are running your own business, juggling kids, or combating that 9-5 daily grind, making a concise effort to optimise our sleep and protect its quality is paramount.

Here is IM Business Solutions’ four-step plan to see you on your way to more positive sleeping experiences.

Step One: Phone free bedrooms

As business owners we know this is a difficult one to digest, however keeping it simple and ceasing phone, tablet or laptop use by 8:30pm is something to seriously consider. Our body typically starts to tell our brain it is time to wind down from 9pm, and the light from these devices can confuse the process. If the brain does not receive the right cues, the mind stays active and we continue to feel stimulated to stay awake, rather than heading to bed for rest and recovery.

Make an effort to relocate your “charging station” for phones and tablets from the bedroom and enrol your partner in an effort to reduce, if not stop use of these devices after 8:30pm in the name of good sleep.

Step Two: Bring on the darkness

Investing in good blinds, ensuring all household lights are turned off and moving phones from your bedside will help, but if you find you’re unable to effectively darken your sleeping den, try an eye mask – this is certain to block any light from entering and disrupting your shut eye.

Step Three: Make bed somewhere you want to be

We all know that feeling – when you’ve just put fresh sheets on the bed and you know that tonight, you’re sleeping in crunchy, clean linen. Absolute bliss! Recreate that setting for bed by investing in good quality pillows and sheets, as well as a mattress topper and doona. The less abrasive your linens are, the less disruptive movements throughout your night will be. If it’s been over a decade since you treated yourself to a new mattress entirely, it may be to time to spring for a new one.

Step Four: Develop a sleep routine

So now we have a sleep sanctuary: free of light and full of cloudy sleep accessories. The next step is to create a sleep routine. Making your bedtime a habitual part of each day, as opposed to an intellectual debate will help to ease the mind before you sleep.

1. Create a bedtime you can stick to. Most experts recommend aiming for total shut eye by 10:00pm at the latest.
2. Set your alarm and place your phone outside of your bedroom.
3. Reading a book can help the body wind down and distract the mind from thinking of tomorrow’s to-do list – there’s good reason why bedtime stories are part of a child’s bedtime routine!


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